Tape Lab

Practice The Sport You Love As Long As Possible
Fueled by the passion for combat sports Tape Lab made up their minds how to prevent injuries and speed up the recovery process as good as possible.
There is nothing more frustrating than taking a long break from the sport you love. Thats how the idea for Tape Lab athletic medical tape for combat sports and all other physical activities came up.
Our Motivation Is Your Benefit
There are some key qualities every tape needs to protect you from joint injuries. Thats what has beenfigured out by exercising countless hours and interviewing athletes from around the world.
There is nothing more useless than tape which is falling off after a short period of time and does not support your joints due to the composition of its material.
A lot of time has been spend in the Tape Lab and a new kind of athletic medical tape for all athletes and high demands was born.
We simply just don`t want you to suffer from soreness and injuries.

Medical Athletic Finger Tape pink - 7,6 mm x 13,7 m (5-Pack)
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Storage Box for Medical Athletic Tape
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