Throwdown® Resistance Training Hydra Medium/9kg

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Weight per unit: 0,865 kg
  • Hydra Resistance level: Intermediate
  • Allowing you to do sport specific drills with resistance)
  • Bring your training to the next level
  • Suitable for single training (at home or while traveling), PT (Personal Training) or workout classes
  • Hydra Resistance Kit Advance available as an optional accessory
    Color: red

Package contents: 

  • 1 Hydra belt, 1 pair of hand-cuffs, 1 pair of foot-cuffs, 2 sleeved resistance bands upper body, 2 sleeved resistance bands lower body

Hydra is the device you have been looking for to bring your game to the next level. Using the resistance of Hydra while doing sport specific drills you will gain explosiveness and power and become the athlete you have always wanted to be. The Hydra’s unique “wear-while-you-play” design allows you to quickly clip the resistance bands on & off while working out.

Resistance training with Hydra will help stand-up fighters to increase power and speed of their punches and kicks.

Ground fighters will become much more explosive while shrimping, Sweeping and passing guards. Hyrda will make your workout more intense and bring your game to the next level